September 16, 2010, brought to you by George Orwell

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I’ve been writing about America’s dramatic right turn and the consequent head-spinning new (un)reality, which includes, among other things, the rehabilitation of George W. Bush, vanishing oil spills, an assault on women’s rights, a rally by Martin Luther Beck, Jr. and the establishment of mosque-free zones.

By way of further example, here are stories we’re talking about today:


Apparently, fear of “social justice” is spreading in conservative circles. “A top Republican on financial issues said Thursday he was concerned that Elizabeth Warren would use a position in a new consumer protection agency to promote “social justice.”


So at least eight months after the President imposed the death penalty on this American citizen without charges … the Obama administration is now “considering” filing criminal charges against him.  If it were Obama’s goal to replicate the mentality of the Wonderland Queen as completely as possible, could he do a better job than this:   I, the President, hereby unilaterally sentence Anwar Awlaki to death . . . (8 months later):  we shall now consider charging him with a crime, giving him a trial, and obtaining a verdict. ” Sentence first — verdict afterward,” said the Queen.


There is widespread agreement among the administration’s legal team that it is lawful for President Obama to authorize the killing of someone like Mr. Awlaki — regardless of his citizenship — if he is found in an ungoverned place or in a country that grants permission. (The details of any arrangement with Yemen are unclear.)


Documents obtained by the investigative journalism group ProPublica revealed that the Pennsylvania Office of Homeland Security (OHS) has been gathering information on the peaceful political activities of environmental activists opposed to a controversial form of gas drilling called hydraulic fracturing, or “fracking.” In addition, the documents strongly suggest that the Pennsylvania OHS was actively taking sides in the political dispute between environmentalists and drilling companies.

And this:

The poverty rate jumped to 14.3 percent in 2009, up from 13.2 percent a year earlier and the highest rate since 1994, the Census Bureau said Thursday. Last year, a record 43.6 million people were in poverty, up from 39.8 million in 2008 — the third consecutive increase. “The number of people in poverty in 2009 is the largest number in the 51 years for which poverty estimates have been published,” the Census Bureau said. … A chief executive officer of a Standard & Poor’s (S&P) 500 index company was paid, on average, $9.25 million in total compensation in 2009.

Another day in America, circa the stone age.

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