This will be a very brief post.

In a word, a handful of liberal bloggers warned you every step of the way for two years: ignore progressive values at your own peril — and ours. Governing on principle is good politics. Trashing your principles because focus groups tell you to do so is bad politics.

I’ll say this again: If you stand up for your principles, you may lose the election but keep your principles; if you ditch your principles, you’ll lose both.

Listen to the bloggers who give a damn whether you win or lose. Don’t listen to crusty Beltway pundits who watched your rise with silent disdain and now watch your fall with silent glee.

Listen to a community of activists who understand politics better than your brilliant insider strategists.

The midterm results speak for themselves. You mocked and marginalized those whose advice would have saved you control of the House. Now it’s time to listen to them, to respect their collective wisdom.

They helped take Bush down. They can help lift you back up.