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1. Our addiction to fossil fuels is cooking the only planet we’ll ever have. Instead of dealing with the problem, many simply deny it.

2. Human males abuse, beat, rape, maim and murder their mothers, sisters and daughters – those who give them life and sustain them.

3. People who toss balls around, gamble on stocks, or sing vapid songs are paid fortunes, while teachers and nurses struggle to earn a living.

4. Our society glorifies people who spend more money on their fourth home than it takes to feed millions of starving children.

5. Humans spend ten times more on weapons that destroy lives than on cancer research that saves them.

6. Tobacco companies are legally permitted to sell a highly addictive, deadly product that contains benzene, formaldehyde, ammonia and arsenic, leaving a trail of death and devastation.

7. Humans feed themselves and their children a steady diet of violence and gore in all forms of entertainment but repress healthy expressions of sexuality.

8. Religion and faith are used as excuses to wreak havoc on fellow humans, twisting moral tenets to justify unspeakable brutality.

9. Humans litter, pollute, over-consume, under-share, frack, drill, cut down forests, wipe out species and otherwise pillage their only home.

10. In the face of injustice, inequality, prejudice, rampant violence and global calamity, humans mostly shrug.