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Everything you need to know about coverage of Hillary Clinton is contained in this short NYT quote:

In recent weeks, Crossroads [brainchild of Karl Rove and other leading Republican strategists] has begun carving a niche for itself in attacking Hillary Rodham Clinton, the presumed Democratic front-runner. The group will use polling data and opposition research to paint her as “a typical politician who would say or do anything to get elected,” said Steven Law, president of Crossroads.

It’s rare to get such a candid description of the process by which anti-Hillary frames are created and spread. This is the central theme I’ve explored in a series of posts about the character attacks directed at Hillary:

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One of my objectives has been to illustrate how the major anti-Hillary memes are generated by GOP opposition research groups and disseminated (wittingly or unwittingly) by the mainstream media. Hillary’s opponents and critics parrot these memes without a clue about their origin:


In my “Hillary Decoder” post, written weeks before the Crossroads quote linked above, I said the following:

The various narratives and frames (“calculating,” “secretive,” “polarizing,” etc.) paint Hillary Clinton’s actions in the most negative possible light. These are carefully crafted and patently false scripts, many of which were concocted years ago in GOP oppo shops to demean and dehumanize her. Distinct from legitimate policy critiques, these lazy shortcuts have seeped so deeply into traditional media coverage that it is virtually impossible to read anything about Hillary Clinton without encountering them.

Crossroads’ president openly admits that the group is artificially concocting an attack against Hillary “using polling data and opposition research to paint her” as craven and unscrupulous, willing to do “anything to get elected.”

For anyone who doesn’t fully understand the obstacles Hillary faces in her quest to shatter the ultimate glass ceiling, they should take note of this Crossroads revelation. When the mainstream media, in a two week period, peddle terms like “Machiavellian, musty-smelling, stale, secretive, calculating, imperious, paranoid, petulant, defiant, devious, scrambles in the dirt” to describe Hillary, voters need to understand that there is a systematic process of character destruction going on behind the scenes.

Notably, the “she’ll do anything to win” frame has a deeply sexist subtext, transforming an attribute that would be defined as laudable ambition and achievement in a man into nefarious scheming by a woman. As my fellow Hillary Man Tom Watson and I have argued, sexism in 2016 will rear its ugly head in unexpected ways, often cloaked in attacks that are not directly centered on Hillary’s gender. Our mission during this campaign season is to continue to expose the mechanisms by which Hillary’s detractors work to distort and destroy Hillary’s public image.